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«THE FOUR CHAMBERS" (2023) Part of the Group Show "La table, lócean et le fruit" with artists: Cato løland, Henrik Olai Kaarstein, Lars Korff Lofthus, Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Ida Madsen Følling & Markus Li Stensrud «The Four Chambers» Acrylic on canvas and wood 200 x 150 x 150 cm «The Four Chambers» is an installation consisting of four painting tableaux. The idea is based on the heart's four chambers, where every part represents different moods. Each tableau consists of two paintings standing on a podium, creating a scenographic room - or a chamber, by defining the walls and the floor. The paintings form the walls in the room and thus the reverse side of the painting is also visible. Each room has its own separate character. Once every full hour during the exhibition, the tableaux will be physically connected to create a whole, like a revolving stage in a theatre -or like a broken heart that is repaired and made whole again. The work is part of the the exhibition "La table, l'océan et le fruit". The exhibition consists of six solo exhibitions side by side in a production space of an old brewery in Stavanger, Norway, with artists: Henrik Olai Kaarstein, Cato Løland, Lars korff Lofthus, Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Ida Madsen Følling og Markus Li Stensrud The title of the exhibition is borrowed from René Magritte's painting from 1927 "La table, l'océan et le fruit" (The table, the sea and the fruit), and serves as a common platform for the six exhibition spaces. Magritte's painting shows three objects; a leaf, something that could be a stone/that look like a stone or a pear and a jug, with each word from the title painted above it. There is apparently no connection between word and object. Margritte's surreal juxtaposition of words and motifs functions more as a key to unlocking a new and larger mental space than as a clue to understanding a riddel. The absurdity of the title offers a broad understanding and experience of reality. This open minded attitude towards definitions and categories and the unclear lines between genres have been a common denominator for the artists in this exhibition. The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Directorate of Culture, Rogaland County Municipality and Stavanger Municipality Photo: Erik sæter Jørgensen

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