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P1: Filling Station

She Will 2018, Ski

Group Show with:  Ole Martin Lund Bø, Roger E.P Egseth, Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Linda Hemmersbach, Camilla Holder, Nicholas John Jones, Jannicke Kristoffersen, Michele Tocca, Ingrid Toogood, Matthew Musgrave, Jorunn Hancke Øgstad


For its inaugural exhibition, She Will is thrilled to present ‘P1: Filling Station’. This exhibition places contemporary abstract painting within the remains of a recently closed petrol station. The strict functionality of the building itself and surrounding detritus remaining from the last 50 years of business are in stark contrast to the aesthetic and painterly concerns that are core elements of these works, and to the cleanliness of the white cube gallery space in which they are most often encountered. Featuring six artists established in the Norwegian art scene, and five international artists showing in Norway for the first time, ‘P1: Filling Station’ offers a unique opportunity to experience these works in this special environment.


‘P1: Filling Station’ is the first in an intended series of nomadic exhibitions initiated by Liv Tandrevold Eriksen and Ingrid Toogood that present painting in varied contexts outside of the gallery to explore if/how formal works change within unusual environments. At the core of this project is a belief that paintings come alive when they connect to inhabited spaces.

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